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Kids Care Academy

Kids Care Academy (KCA) offers an environment for families who want safe, enjoyable, and quality care and education for their children. Organized and established as a nonprofit corporation in 1996, KCA is a licensed childcare center by the State of Ohio. The program is located on the northeast side of Columbus. The organization was created with the belief that children and parents are most secure when positive morals and values are reinforced in the classroom setting. The KCA staff always strives to be complementary to and supportive of the family, promoting the healthy development of both children and parents.

KCA is more than a early learning center; it is an all-inclusive center of education, training, and development for children from infancy through youth. KCA prides itself on preparing these children for their future development. KCA also believes that the home is the most important factor in a child's development. Through several partnerships and community initiatives, KCA strives to be a resource for its families. By doing so, KCA exemplifies the importance ofCaring for Our Future, Today!™


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